2017 Jaeschkes Hill River Clare Estate Sangiovese


Sold in cartons of 12

A red-ruby colour the 2017 is a lively, bright Sangiovese showing just a hint of French oak.

The palate is slightly savoury with some dark cherry, plum and black olive flavours.  Showing a balanced tannin structure, it will pair well with traditional Italian fare.  A wine to enjoy now or over the next few years.



Mildura Alternative Varieties Wine Show – Bronze Medal

OUR STORY: A Family Farming Business

We have been broad-acre farming in the Hill River Valley since 1963 and in May 2010 purchased the neighbouring vineyard, originally named Penfolds Clare Estate.

This was the Jaeschke family introduction to viticulture, which in turn has led to our love of wines over the years.

The vineyard is part of the families broader farming business including, cropping, livestock, poultry, hay processing and export.

Hill River Clare Estate is very much a family operation.  We have lived in the Hill River District for more than 50 years. Our family, including our young grandchildren are all actively involved in the farm and vineyard operations.


OUR VINEYARD: A single vineyard located in the Polish Hill River Valley

Hill River Clare Estate is a 180 ha vineyard which was purchased in 2010 and adjoins our farming land.

The vineyard was originally purchased in 1980 from the Lloyd family by Penfolds.

Our manager, Harry, started soon after as a vineyard hand and continues on with us today as Manager.

There are 15 different varieties of grapes planted.

The soil ranges from a deep grey and red loam to a red brown soil over broken clay and slate on higher ground.

The Clare Valley region’s cool climate and high elevation make it an ideal location for producing premium wines.

Our vineyard sits at an elevation of 430m and has an average rainfall of 625mm predominately through winter with the summer period tending to be dry with cooler nights.

A light application of manure is applied to the vineyard annually to cover any nutrient requirements.

Straw from the farm is used under vine rows to suppress weeds and retain moisture on white varieties except in frost prone blocks.

Hill River Clare Estate make a small portion of bottled wine exclusive to our cellar door and on-line sales.

The balance of our premium cool climate grapes are supplied to a small group of loyal customers.


INTEGRATION: A successful integration of the vineyard into our farming operation

Jaeschkes Hill River Clare Estate is part of our family farming business where we can add to the diversification of our enterprises that make up our business.

Based in the Hill River and Polish Hill River districts, near Clare, our farming business includes a cropping and livestock regime, sheep feedlot, poultry business, vineyard, export hay processing plant, domestic hay, lucerne and small seeds.

This mix of enterprises enables us to value-add the products we produce.

This diversification has helped create a sustainable model by reducing enterprise costs and maximising overall returns for our family.

We use sustainable farming methods where possible, including direct drilling or no-till farming, as well as retaining straw.

Our poultry enterprise was set up to add value to the cropping program, with the bonus of a guaranteed supply of chicken litter as fertiliser.

It also provided a use for the straw as bedding in the sheds which is cut and baled after the cereal crop comes off.

The litter, which is used as fertiliser on the vineyard and cereal crops, is improving soil health and increasing the level of micron nutrients.

We run 4,000 Leachim-blood Merino breeding ewes, which graze non-arable country through winter and are run into stubble paddocks in the summer and autumn months to help control weeds.

The vineyard is integrated with the other enterprises, providing grazing for sheep during the winter and run-off from parts of our land used to irrigate the vines.


OUR HISTORY: Take a walk back through time

The first vine planted was Shiraz in block C5 which is adjacent to our current cellar door.

This vine was planted by Max Schubert – a pioneering Australian Winemaker.

The vineyard was originally planted predominately with white varieties.

At this time, Max Schubert’s view was developing a premium vineyard with the intent to produce a white Grange utilising the Chardonnay grapes.

The original planting in 1980 was approximately 80 hectares.

In the very immediate time frame following this, more land purchases were made to continue vineyard development which peaked at approximately 240ha in the late 1990’s.

This large scale vineyard operation became viable due to the introduction of mechanical harvesting and pruning.

An industry decline and company restructure resulted in the vineyard being offered for sale in 2009 amongst many other vineyards across the state.

In 2010 the Jaeschke family purchased Hill River Clare Estate.

The family’s first harvest for wine production under the Hill River Clare Estate Label was in 2011.

A combination of rain, hail and disease resulted in just a Semillon being produced, marking the beginning of the Hill River Clare Estate Brand.

In 2012 a Riesling and Sangiovese were add to the portfolio..  This was the beginning of the Jaeschke family’s involvement and commitment to the South Australian Wine Industry.

2013 was exciting!

Our wine show success began.

This marked the start of many accolades for our single vineyard wines, now available for you to enjoy exclusively through our Cellar Door and Online.


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